Bridgewater Inn is one of the best locations in the area for watching local wildlife - right from the decks surrounding the Inn and from your waterfront room!

Playful, intellegent dolphin are plentiful in the waters surrounding the Inn. Chances are excellent that you'll spot several feeding and playing while you're here. Dolphin usually travel together in pods. If you spot one, keep looking as there are likely others nearby.

Manatee are also frequent visitors to Bridgewater! Large, slow and gentle, endangered Manatee feed just below the surface of the water on the sea grasses. For all their size, Manatee are sometimes harder to see. Watch the water carefully for the telltale swirls made by their paddle-like tails as they swim, and their dark grey snouts breaking the surface as they come up to breathe.

Want a closer, more intimate look at our local wildlife? Rent one of our kayaks and hit the water!

Why Stay in Matlacha? Wide-Sweeping Water Views